Community Access Support

We offer a range of services to support your hopes, dreams, interests, hobbies and possible career paths.

If you want to learn new things, try different experiences, meet new people, have fun and push your own boundaries, we’re here to work with you and do whatever we can so you can achieve your goals.

That includes:

  • Recreation programs to get you out of the house and more involved in your community.
  • Daily-living skills such as budgeting, financial matters, cooking and job hunting to foster your independence.
  • Personal-care programs.
  • Helping you get involved in volunteering.
  • Day services including creative and artistic activities to help you express yourself.
  • Help attending events such as a concert, sports game or other events of interest.
  • Developing transport independence skills.
  • Holiday planning.


T: 1300 033 645
Head Office: 110 Neill Street, Beaufort, VIC

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